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About the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association

The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association (FVAGA) represents the xx professional angling guides located throughout the Fraser Valley.  The association was formed to promote and encourage a high standard of professionalism and to provide a voice for the Angling Guides with Government, First Nations and other stakeholders. The FVAGA Constitution sets out the following objectives:

  1. To provide a strong voice to government in regards to Angling Policies and regulations, sport fishing opportunities and the promotion of economic benefit.

  2. To encourage industry initiatives and best practices and to work cooperatively and maintain open communication with the provincial government;

  3. To promote professional angling guides in the Fraser Valley and to maintain a code of conduct and ethics, among all anglers, that equals the quality and uniqueness of the Fraser Valley fishing experience;

  4. To promote world class and unique fisheries that are within the Fraser Valley area;

  5. To provide area angling guides an opportunity to resolve guide-related issues in an organized and industry sanctioned format in a professional manner.

    Our Vision

     “The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association will be ‘the Voice’ of Professional Fishing Guides in the Fraser Valley - promoting predictable and sustainable Sportfishing opportunities while ensuring a high level of guiding professionalism."

    Our Mission 

    “The Fraser Valley Angling Guides association exists to promote and support Professional Fishing Guides through:

    • Leadership, 

    • Advocacy and

    • Support.

    We will accomplish this by providing services of value to our members, by working closely with all stakeholders involved with BC fisheries and by making a positive contribution to the local economy.”

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