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The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association and its members are committed to conservation and sustainability.  Our members are passionate about the outdoors and our committed to ensuring the incredible resources of the Fraser Valley can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Many of the Associations Guides play a leading role in conversation efforts such as the Sturgeon tagging program spearheaded by the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. 

The Association always works closely with DFO and MOE in committees and working groups to ensure that all aspects of conservation are considered.  In addition the Association is an enthusiastic supporter of the Catch and Release Mortality Studies being conducted by DFO. 

The Association believes that catch and release is one of the best techniques available for managing species abundance issues.  Recent studies have shown mortality as low as 1.8% when catch and release is properly practiced.

In today's world there are many ecological pressures on the environment in general and specific fish species in particular.  The livelihood of our members is dependent on a healthy eco-system and FVAGA members are happy to do their part in ensuring that fish habitats are maintained.





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