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The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association is a volunteer organisation run by and for Professional Angling Guides.  Our mandate is to promote a high level of professionalism among angling guides and to ensure recreational fishers rights are protected and that angling opportunities are maintained.

There  are a wide variety of issues and pressures threatening angling opportunities.  The FVAGA strives to ensure that anglers are properly represented in the decision making process of DFO and MOE. 

We do this by participating in a wide variety of working groups and committees where decisions on recreational fishing are often made.  These include:

  • SFAC - Sport Fishing Advisory Committee

  • FVSS - Fraser Valley Salmon Society

  • FRSCS - Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society

  • SF/FN - Sport Fishers and First Nations group

  • FFRAC - Technical working group sturgeon recovery

  • ISDF - Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum

We also work hard to ensure that the public at large understands the facts around recreational fishing.  Using media releases and letters we have been very effective in getting the facts out and keeping Anglers on the river.   

In addition we provide our members with the latest information on Transport Canada requirements, DFO pronouncements and other relevant information.

Membership in the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association runs from June 1 to May 30th.

Fees are  $250 for an Angling guide and $100 for an Assistant Guide.

To receive more information on joining please send us an email at membership.


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