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January 28/11 - Letter from SFAB Chair Gerry Kristianson to Fisheries and Oceans Minister Shea regarding the Halibut controversy.  For more info


January 22/11 - National Post article on the Halibut fishery and eveyones right to fish.  For more info


January 22/11 - Great article in the Sun on the right of all to fish For more info


 July 9/10 - Letter from FVAGA to DFO on Chinook Closure - The cuarrent Chinook closure was based on a convervation concern and First Nations demanding a moratorium.  Currently First Nations has been granted 100's of hours of openings while recreational fishers are forced to wait till July 15th.  For more info

May 18/10 - Fraser River Salmon Notice - Effective 00:01 hours Saturday May 1, 2010 and until 23:59 hours Thursday, July 15, 2010 there is no fishing for salmon permitted in Region 2.  For more info


April 21/10 - River Manners - In a display of unity, BC's leading sport fishing orgranisations and First Nations from the Fraser River released a video titled 'River Manners'.  The video was produced by a working group of First Nations and Sport Fishers including Vic Carrao and Tony Nootebos Directors with FVAGA.  For more info


August 14/09 - FVAGA on Fraser River Violence - The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association (FVAGA) in reaction to the recent violent altercation on the Fraser River issued the following statement: "The use of violence in dealing with conflicts on the river is completely unacceptable. Read more . .


August 14/09 - Fraser River Sockeye crisis - CHILLIWACK, BC, PRESS RELEASE --(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2009) - The Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association (FVAGA) held an emergency meeting August 12 to discuss the current Fraser River Sockeye crisis. For more info







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